Anan Creek Images

photo MasterChrome-0117.jpg A nan Creek is located in Southeast Alaska in a temperate rain forest and features an observation platform for viewing black bears fishing for salmon. It is accessible only by boat or plane usually from Wrangell. If you are fortunate, you can reserve a small cabin located a short hike from the observation area, otherwise overnight stays are not permitted. Black bears and the occasional brown bear will visit the creek for their salmon meals. The creek itself can be choked with spawning salmon and the bears seem to pick and choose among them by a criteria that, at least to me, is a mystery. The reaction of the spawning salmon to the shadow of the occasional overflight of an eagle is fascinating. Hiking the trail between the lagoon and cabin yields opportunities for bear sightings and photographing the lush plant life. The hike is often accompanied by overhead ravens maintaining a "conversation" with the hiker.