Brown Bears Images

photo Chrome-0118.jpg M y experiences with brown bears has been entirely in Alaska with most of it during two trips to McNeil River. I can't overstate the privilege of visiting McNeil River. The experience of viewing so many brown bears in a completely natural habitat is a life altering one. To have seen one or two brown bears is rewarding enough but to be able to watch dozens of them at a time over a period of several days is entirely different. You at once begin to recognize that in addition to physical differences the bears have unique personalities. As a photographer, with thirty or forty bears at one time engaged in a whole range of activity it is very difficult to decide where to aim your lens. I have watched bears steal salmon from one another, sows nursing their cubs, adolescents in playful scuffle and adults in outright fights over a salmon. Then their are bears catching a "catnap", doing belly flops off a rock, begging morsels of salmon from a sucessful bear or even stealing the fish. I can only say if you have never been to McNeil River, try it, your life will never be the same.