Alaska Images

photo MasterChrome-0117.jpg A laska is (so far) my favorite photo destination. During the three trips I have made there I have traveled many of the roads of the last frontier of the US. Few places can match the beauty of its pristine landscapes and the diversity of its wildlife. Among my favorites is, of course, Denali Park. Photographing the black bears at Anan Creek and the brown bears at Mcneil River are opportunities of a lifetime and I have had the privilege to visit both these locations on two occasions. I have fond memories of "camping" out on a deck chair under the stars as I sailed from towns like Juneau, Wrangell and Ketchikan on a state operated ferry. Imagine being discharged from a ferry at 3AM with camping and photo gear in a downpour in a town you don't know. Talk about adventure! I'd go back in a heartbeat.