About the Photographer

Although I have photographs of me as a seven year old holding a Kodak box camera, my serious journey with photography began at age twelve when my father bought me a 35mm rangefinder camera before departing for a year-long stay in Africa. While there, I photographed everything and those chromes still exist today more than fifty years later!

During the years since then, I have pursued many interests and of course have been busy raising a family and minding a career. Over time my interests included wood working, fishing, aviation and amateur radio. Looking back on those years, I realize that regardless of the other activities, photography was always an important part of them. For instance, I created a slide show on satellite radio operations and carried my camera with me on my flights in the northeast. In the end, photography won out over my other interests and I have become an avid nature and wild life photographer.

I operated a black and white and color darkroom for many years and particularly enjoyed creating large black and white prints from my 35mm and medium format negatives. I spent many relaxing and sometimes frustrating hours in my small but well equipped darkroom.

I enjoy adventure travel (and travel in general) and, of course, my photographic equipment travels with me. The accumulation of many transparencies during these travels led to the production of a number of programs which I present to clubs and organizations in the area.

My journey with digital imaging began in 1990 when I accepted an offer from my processor to have my images scanned to a floppy disk. For several years I shot both digitally and using film but increasingly my emphasis was on digital photography. I finally committed to digital entirely when I acquired a digital camera that was capable of the speed and resolution of my Canon EOS1v. As much as I loved the film world, I can honestly say that I don't miss it.

Over the years I learned many things about photography and digital imaging the hard way and enjoy passing on what I have learned to others through courses I taught at Three Rivers Community College in Norwich and at the Granite Street Gallery in New London. The courses include an introduction to photography, digital imaging and Photoshop